Patient Testimonials

Over the past twelve months Stillwater Spine and Sports Center has returned to me my strength and mobility. After two accidents, one of which resulted in a broken femur, with multiple surgeries, and the other a fractured clavicle. I can now put those days behind me, thanks to the education and expertise of Dr. Tye LeDuc. I would encourage anyone in need of rehabilitation to make an appointment, to begin their road to recovery today.

Dale Rodwick - Kalsipell

Dr. LeDuc treated me prior to having back surgery (microdiscectomy L5-S1). He was the only doctor that was able to give me any relief from the pain. After the surgery he worked with me through all of the physical therapy and rehab. The treatment and professionalism of Stillwater Spine and Sports Center are unmatched in my opinion, and exceed my expectations. Dr. LeDuc continues to help me stay healthy and fit, keeping the active lifestyle I enjoy. Thanks Again Doc.

Michael A. McGregor

Several years ago I suffered a serious workplace back injury and I was told I needed emergency surgery. When Dr. LeDuc heard this news he cared enough, that he took his own personal time to call me several times over the weekend to discuss it and give me advice. Although, I was in the worst pain I have ever been in, I trusted Dr. LeDuc and Stillwater Spine and Sports Center to treat me instead of having surgery. What a blessing that has been. I was pain free in a short time and he developed a series of exercises I do at home that keep me stable, active and pain free. I have coached many athletes over the years and have had the opportunity to refer several of them to Dr. LeDuc and Stillwater Spine and Sports center. It has been rewarding to me personally when the athlete and his parents thank me for telling them about Stillwater Spine and Sports Center and let me know how much Dr. LeDuc has helped them with their injury and rehab.

Mike Rauthe, General Manager Universal Athletic - Kalispell

When my doctor retired he had highly recommended Dr. Warden. It’s difficult to change doctors when you’ve been with one for a long time. On my first visit Dr. Warden made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Warden.

Bill Smith

Work and daily activities cause us to have frequent back problems. Dr. Warden addresses our problems with great care and compassion. He also recommends exercises to help strengthen chronic problem areas and improve the condition of weak areas. His help and caring has been a great comfort to us both. Thank you so much.

Perry and Kathy Wright